Alessandro Vinciarelli

Full Professor

Interests: AI for analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction

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Mary Ellen Foster

Senior Lecturer​

Interests: Social robotics, conversational systems, robots in public spaces

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Tanaya GUHA

Senior Lecturer​

Interests: AI for understanding human behaviour combining ML, computer vision and signal/speech processing

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MaRWA Mahmoud


Interests: Multimodal behavioural modelling combining visual AI and multimodal perception for applications on `AI for social good'

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MAthieu chollet


Interests: Human-agent interaction, intelligent virtual agents, virtual social reality, ML and HCI for social skills, team processes assessment

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Postdoctoral Research Associates

Andrés A. Ramírez Duque

Research Associate

Project: Using AI-Enhanced Social Robots to Improve Children’s Experiences in Clinical Settings (funded by ESRC)

Line Manager: Mary Ellen Foster

eva Fringi

Research Associate

Project: SONICOM:Assessment of immersive audio in AR/VR settings informed by social interaction (funded by H2020)

Line Manager: Alessandro Vinciarelli


Research Associate

Project: TinyFaces (funded by DSTL)

Line Manager: Tanaya Guha

Doctoral Students

Amelie Voges

Thesis: Human expectations of robot performance based on its appearance and behaviour​

Supervisor(s): Mary Ellen Foster, Emily Cross

Andrew BLAIR

Thesis: Conversational human-robot interaction

Supervisor(s): Mary Ellen Foster

Ana Carolina Torres Cresto

Thesis: Brain-based inclusive design

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli

Antonius Bima Murti Wijaya

Thesis: Pedestrian detection for mass tourism

Supervisor(s): Marwa Mahmoud


Thesis: Automatic detection of attachment style using verbal and non-verbal cues

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli

Basmah M. Alsenani

Thesis: Enhancing privacy in speech emotion recognition systems

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli, Tanaya Guha

Bishal ghosh

Thesis: Speech-driven gesture generation

Supervisor(s): Tanaya Guha, Emma Li

Emily o'Hara

Thesis: Social perception of speech: Trait attribution from fillers

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli, Phil McAleer

Fuxiang TAO

Thesis: Speech-based automatic depression detection via deep learning and biomarkers identification

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli


Thesis: Language independent conversation modelling

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli

huda alsofyani

Thesis: Detecting attachment condition in school-age children.​

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli

Max Christou

Thesis: Mitigating bias in automated facial expression recognition systems

Supervisor(s): Tanaya Guha, Rachael Jack​

Nesreen Alareef

Thesis: Predicting speaker personality traits in Virtual Reality environment

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli, Tanaya Guha

Raphael Cunningham

Thesis: Neural Networks for predicting stroke behaviour from Multimodal MRI

Supervisor(s): Cassandra Sampaio Batista, Tanaya Guha​


Thesis: Automatic depression detection

Supervisor(s): Alessandro Vinciarelli

Sean Westwood

Thesis: Predicting learning performance from neural signals following reward and punishment

Supervisor(s): Marios Philiastides, Alessandro Vinciarelli

Serena Dimitri

Thesis: Social interaction in Virtual Reality

Supervisor(s): Lars Muckli, Alice Miller, Alessandro Vinciarelli

Tongfei Bian

Thesis: Understanding social actions from first person perspective

Supervisor(s): Tanaya Guha

Xinyu LI

Thesis: Explainable framework for mental health assessment​

Supervisor(s): Marwa Mahmoud

Zejian Feng

Thesis: AI assistive tools for monitoring mental wellbeing

Supervisor(s): Marwa Mahmoud


Thesis: Digital user representations and perspective taking in mediated communication

Supervisor(s): Mary Ellen Foster, Dale Barr